Legacy CodeChange Messy Software Without Breaking It

Frustrated of not having enough time to refactor Legacy Code?
I'm building up a kit to help you rescue your codebase!

When I say "Legacy Code" I mean valuable code you're afraid to change.

We all have to deal with Legacy Code. But it's damn hard to!

Here you'll find answers to your questions. I'm sharing useful tips and concrete advice that will help you tame the legacy codebase you've inherited.

📖 Helpful Guides

🥋 Specific techniques

  • Approval Testing

    A technique to quickly put tests on Legacy Code, so you can refactor safely.

  • Behavioral Analysis

    A technique to get insights from large codebases, using VCS information.

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Nicolas Carlo

Written by Nicolas Carlo who lives and works in Montreal, Canada 🍁
He founded the Software Crafters Montreal community which cares about building maintainable softwares.