Understand Legacy CodeChange Messy Software Without Breaking It

Behavioral Analysis

How do you analyze a very large Legacy codebase?

If you're using a Version Control System (VCS), you're sitting on a gold mine! You can leverage it to get useful insights from any codebase, based on how people interact with it.

This approach has been detailed by Adam Tornhill in his books:

There are many information you can get from Behavioral Analysis:

  1. Identify Hotspots and prioritize Tech Debt
  2. Find actual code duplication
  3. Proactively detect potential bugs, based on empirical behavior
  4. Prioritize knowledge transfer
  5. Spot coordination bottlenecks
  6. Find misalignments between your organization and software architecture

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Nicolas Carlo

Written by Nicolas Carlo who lives and works in Montreal, Canada 🍁
He founded the Software Crafters Montreal community which cares about building maintainable softwares.